Turf Maintenance. 

Turf requires brushing, de-compaction, de-weeding, re-sanding, sanitizing, and cleaning on a regular basis, especially if your children or pets play on it.

OxyTurf even kills Staph, Flea Eggs, HIV, Corona Virus and other dangerous diseases. Plus it smells like fresh cut real grass

The solution for synthetic turf  that holds stinky bacteria and harmful diseases.

Get the GROSS out of your GRASS!

Does my turf really need upkeep or maintenance?

It sure does. Turf is commonly sold as a "set it and forget it" product which is too bad because it's not totally accurate. synthetic turf requires periodic brushing, decompaction, de-weeding, re-sanding and deep cleansing expecially if your kids or pets are running arround on it.

Turf Cleaning and Maintenance Packages

  • Remove debris
  • ​Brush/ sweep turf
  • ​Magnet sweep
  • ​Spray with OxyTurf
  • Remove debris from mats
  • ​Spray mats with OxyTurf
  • ​Scrub mats with brush
  • Remove debris
  • ​De-weed
  • ​PowerBrush
  • ​Treat with OxyTurf
  • ​Clean up area
  • Remove debris
  • ​Remove pet feces
  • ​Remove pet hair
  • ​De weed
  • ​PowerBrush
  • ​Re deodorize with pet sand
  • ​Re rush
  • ​ Deep flood with OxyTurf
  • ​Clean up area
  • Remove debris
  • ​Brush/sweep field
  • ​Magnet sweep
  • ​Spray with OxyTurf
  • ​Locate areas in need of repair and quote
  • ​Clean up area 
  • ​Leave behind dated certificate of cleaning

Sanitizing Your Turf Grass

Oxyturf is formulated to disinfect 99.9% of microbes, viruses & bacteria. As a cleaner, Oxyturf removes togh stains, filth & cuts through tough grime or grease, without scrubbing.

It is the only EPA-registered, one sep, ready-to-use, non-toxic, synthetic turf disinfectant & cleaner with hydrogen peroxide and the scent of fresh real grass! We partnered with renowned chemists to develop a healthy-concious, environmentally friendly product that is proven effective. OxyTurf's formula us a proprietary solution with patented stablized Hydrogen Peroxide Technology - H202.

Disinfect It Yourself
DIY Package

All our DIY service packages are drafted to your individual needs. it includes the following application components:
  • Field sprayer & Hand sprayer 
  • ​ Hitch for utility vehicle or Golf cart
  • ​Drum/tote pump
  • ​OxyTurf tote, drums or pails


Heavy-Use Field = Weekly Treatment
Medium-use field= Treatment Every 2-3 weeks
Low-Use Field = Monthly Treatment

  • 1 gallon of OxyTurf Disinfects Approx. 1000 sq.ft.
  • ​Football field is approx. 54,000 sq.ft.
  • ​1 Football Field= (1) OxyTurf 55-Gal Drum


OxyTurf synthetic turf cleaner is a good choice for a good lawn. It is specially formulated to cover most problems you might have with your turf.
One name, multiple solutions.


If left unattended, your green haven will quickly become an eyesore as well as a home to many disease-causing bacteria and fungi. However, with a 99.9% germ extermination rate, OxyTurf's hydrogen peroxide-based products will ensure that your lawn maintains its quality indefinitely and remains disease-free!


If your artificial grass used to line your dog's kennel or Do You have pets that enjoy lounging on your turf. then you probably know that pet odors can get trapped in your turf. these odors become offensive! Unlike other synthetic turf cleaners that leave behind terrible smells and, in some cases, potentially irritating residue, OxyTurf replaces the pet odors with a light, clean scent to keep your synthetic lawn fresh and clean.


Admit it, one of the reasons you opted to get synthetic turf instead of doing things the old-fashioned way is the convenience that Synthetic Turf Offers. No lawn mowing or grass trimming is required! And with OxyTurf you get to spend minimal time cleaning your green haven! Our products cut through tough grease and grime without scrubbing! No brush or sponge required, just OxyTurf synthetic turf disinfectant. 

Quality Ingredients

Considering the ease of use and the fact that OxyTurf products are bleach-free and Contain No harmful chemicals, it should not come as much of a surprise that our products are not just effective cleaning products but are also safe for daily use! 


What is the purpose of acquiring synthetic turf if you can not spend quality time lounging on it with your kids and pets? OxyTurf uses biodegradable ingredients, and our products are 100% safe enough to be used on real grass as well as in areas where kids and pets play! 

Germ And Bacteria-Free Turf

Our products are specially formulated to clean your synthetic grass and kill germs without leaving behind a dull residue! Cleaning with OxyTurf products will leave your turf looking as good as new!

Introducing an EPA Registered Bio-Degradable Turf cleaning solution!


  • Pet Turf, Sports Turf, Athletic Fields, Playgrounds
  • ​Dog Runs, Kennels, Fencing, Cross Fit Gyms, Golf Mats
  • ​Putting Cages, Pee Pads, Commercial Turf Areas
  • ​Residential Yards, Decks, Vet Hospitals, Patious


Our products are specially formulated and packaged to suit your needs, and intended mode of usage! 


If it's not clean-up day just yet but you have to get rid of a stain on your turf, we have just the thing for you! Products like our 32 Oz OxyTurf Trigger Sprayer and our .5 Gal. EZ-Pump Sprayer will come in handy at times like this! 


When cleaning day comes around and you need to clean up your entire turf, we have a wide array of products for you to choose from! Your options include our 4-Gallon Backpack Sprayer and our 1-Gallon Battery-Powered Sprayer which are both available


One of the many benefits of using OxyTurf is that it protects your turf from being infected by germs, bacteria, or any other disease-causing organisms. For this reason, you might want to consider using our product for On-Going protection in place of using it as an occasional disinfectant. 


  • To use OxyTurf synthetic turf disinfectant for single use, All you have to do is use the hand-held spray bottle to douse the affected area and give the OxyTurf formula 10 minutes to penetrate the turf and kill the germs and bacteria. That's It. Cleaning is done!
  • To use OxyTurf synthetic turf disinfectant for ongoing protection, Ready to use formula. Spray it, let it sit for 10 minutes. It kills all odor, disease, and harmful bacteria. The most accessible product to use on the market, and the most effective

OxyTurf Products

Our products are bleach-free and are safe enough to be used on areas where kids and pets play! 

1-Gal Battery-Powered Sprayer

1-Gal Round

1-Gal Round & .5 Hand Pump Sprayer Bundle

Case of 1-Gal Battery-Powered Sprayers (4-Pack)

Case of 1-Gal Rounds (4-Pack)

6-Gal Pail

55-Gal Drum

250-Gal Tote

4-Gallon Backpack Sprayer

5 Gal. EZ-Pump Sprayer

32 Oz OxyTurf Trigger Sprayer

40-Gallon Tow Behind Sprayer

OxyTurf is the cream of the crop. Odor? One application later, it doesn't exist anymore and in its place is a clean, fresh scent. Fungi and mold control? Done. Germs and Bacteria? Eliminated! Cleaning residue? None existent.

Our product provides you with all you need, just the way you want them!

As a synthetic turf owner, you know that the joy of having your lawn in the best condition possible is a feeling that can't be described.

Ready to keep your green haven fresh and germ-free? Contact us today!